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Introducing FinCap

Fincap is a financial awareness program. In this program we shall be providing financial literacy program designed to equip with knowledge, tools and practice. It would help peoples achieve their own personal goals and dreams.

Planning & Teaching

  • Financial capability is all about having the skills to manage money in the real world
  • We need to pass on the knowledge, skills and confidence to ask the right questions
  • This leads to well informed, sensible decision making, appropriate to an individual’s financial circumstances
  • We believe that finance education should start from an early age in schools and educational environments
  • It should include an understanding of how money affects feelings and personal well being
  • Children are interacting with money issues earlier and earlier– like mobile phones and buying online
  • In order to prepare them for adult life and help them to participate and flourish in our society we must give all young people access to finance education
  • Personal finance education is most effective when delivered as a planned programme of learning opportunities and experiences designed to increase the financial capability of all pupils from every social and cultural background


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