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As the program and projects of NGOs expand, the need for money to run their operations becomes all the more critical. Much of this comes from third party funding organizations, either in the country where the NGO operates, or in OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries that assist projects in developing countries. At Surya Sabha we want to help NGOs for raising fund. Help the NGOs to raising the fund for various projects and cause.

An Online Fundraiser is savvy… Just look what it can do!

Prompts participation with personal touches like photos, logo and a welcome message. Increases earning potential with literally hundreds of popular items – all ready for gifting! Spreads word of your campaign to teammates, group members and potential supporters by importing your contacts and scheduling reminder emails.

Motivates teammates and group members to participate in your campaign with a Prize Program featuring movie tickets, Restaurant.com e-Certificates and cash prizes.

Organizes all facets of your fundraiser through a dynamic Campaign Manager, allowing you to edit your campaign’s settings and access important stats and reporting.

Looking for unique fundraising ideas? Bring your unique fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute using Surya Sabha. Sign up for free and start fundraising today!

We shall show step by step program for branding and fundraising.

Step first  Register your NGO

Yes, Register your NGOs with Surya Sabha. Help you in your branding and moreover it help you in fund raising too. It helps you in SEO (Search Engine optimization) and more to find on Google, Bing, Yahoo. So, build your group and start uploading your updates and events. And get unique web presence of your NGO totally free. In this you can post activity, forms to download,events,media and RSS.

Benefit of Registering

  • Build your group online and his presence to worldwide.
  • Post Activity unlimited
  • Forms to download
  • Events to post and join
  • Upload videos and pictures
  • RSS  auto update system for your group to reach worldwide.

We shall be updating many unique ideas for fund raising. Help your society.




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