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Have you ever heard about how hypnotists can make people do things like quit smoking or feel less pain? From what I’ve read, the way it works is the hypnotist puts a suggestive message in your subconscious. I’ve never tried it before personally, but they say when you wake up it feels like there’s a voice in the back of your head that encourages you or discourages you do to do a particular activity.

A more technical term for this is “subliminal programming”. It means exactly what it sounds like – programming the brain on a subconscious level. Subliminal programming is widely used today not just in hypnotism, but in self-empowerment and goal-setting. There are many gurus and workshops around today that teach people how to do this. Has anyone every tried this? Does it really work?

The thing with those workshops is they’re usually pretty expensive. If you’re a little skeptical about the whole thing, you might want to try it out first at home. There are software packages now that can teach you the same techniques without a live instructor.

One piece of software available is Sculptor 3 made by AffirmWare. This software program is supposedly like having Dr. Phil in your house. It’s your very own personal self-empowerment coach that focuses on affirmations, subliminal programming, visualizations and goal-setting.

The concept is basically like this – your present reality is something that you project from your own thinking. So if you’re a positive thinker, they you will see the world as positive and always see opportunities. If you’re a negative thinker, then you tend to always see things in terms of shortcoming and barriers. Now, what if there was a way to control your thinking? Would that automatically result in a change in your environment?

AffirmWare’s Sculptor 3 says yes, you can change your thinking by constantly bombarding yourself with positive affirmations. Actually, I’ve read that some athletes practice visualization techniques to fine-tune their skills. Sculptor 3 does the same thing, helping you visualize your goals and build confidence to achieve those goals.

Sculptor 3 has an interesting system where you have to finish sentences after your chosen affirmation. As you complete your sentences, your mind usually tries to create opposing thoughts to negate your affirmations. But with Sculptor 3 to back you up, you can start practicing how to counter-attack those bad thoughts with more good thoughts. It is this skill, learning how to break through your personal barriers that Sculptor 3 is all about.

In addition to the software you get some other free stuff. You get a subliminal computer program that flashes pre-selected or custom-made subliminal messages on your computer. You get screensavers, a free e-book called “It Works”, “The Science of Getting Rich” mp3s, and 26 health reports.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in trying out subliminal programming, you can try Sculptor 3 first on your computer. A lot of people swear by it, saying that it helps them stay focused on their goals and feel positive. The software is pretty easy to use, and you get lots of freebies. Try it out sometime.

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