About Us

At Surya Sabha, we believe in an individual having the power to change the world.

We are a global team, all of who have lived/volunteered in several countries and align with a common mission of bringing countries together to make an impact.

Our Vision : To facilitate every skill in the world in meeting a social need.

Surya Sabha is Non Government Organizations has been registered under section 1860 by Government of India.

Our Mission

Surya Sabha provides impact opportunities to skilled workforce across the globe by matching their skill to the NGOs is need of that skill thereby creating more volunteers on the planet. We intend to make volunteering easy by facilitating skill-based projects which the volunteers can undertake online, and impactful by making use of the volunteers’ skill.

Our Values

We in Surya Sabha

act with INTENT,
strive for IMPACT,
live with INTEGRITY.

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